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Gain Knowledge Of What Is Involved In A Minimally Invasive Lower Back Lumbar Laminotomy.

The spinal column has a series of vertebrae divided by discs. Each vertebra consists of a main body vertebral body in the front and a bony canal spinal canal in the back. Between each of the bodies is a disc. The bony canal in the back contains the spinal cord and nerves. The lamina is the roof of this canal. The bone you feel when you press on your spine is the spinous process and bone between the laminae. The nerves depart the spinal canal through a small opening called the foramina.

The lumbar region in regards to the rest of th...
The lumbar region in regards to the rest of the spine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The procedure known as a laminectomy is when the whole lamina is removed. This is typically performed in an open (i.e., not minimally invasive) fashion to decompress the nerves. When done traditionally, (non M.I.S way) it hinges the spinal canal open making the entire process very traumatic since the ligaments, muscles and tendons that are attached to the spine have to be peeled back. 

When doing a minimally invasive laminotomy with Laser Spine San Antonio the  procedure involves taking away a much more small area of the lamina on one, or on both sides, which creates very small holes decompressing the nerves and spinal. Unlike the laminectomy, a minimally invasive laser spine San Antonio laminotomy can be performed in a much better fashion. The total amount of bone that is removed from the spine is a lot less comparatively to a traditional open laminectomy.  Howerver,  the laser lumbar surgical goals can still be accomplished.  Laminotomy results from a efficient and anatomic point of view are equal to the bigger, more open procedure of a laminectomy. Here at Laser Spine San Antonio we choose to do the better resulting, less invasive, laminotomy procedure.
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